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WIC Reports & Data

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WIC provides data reports, maps and fact sheets on many topics (see links to WIC Reports & Data pages below). WIC staff will also find summary and ad-hoc reports in Infoview. Other pre-defined reports are available in the Information System (HuBERT).

Can't find the data you're looking for in the information below? See Requesting WIC Data.

MN WIC Health Indicators Summary
A summary of WIC health outcome information for women, infants and children. Also provides WIC Health Indicator Summaries by County, CHB and City.

Birth Outcomes
WIC information for birth weight, preterm births, full term low birth weight, maternal prenatal participation and infant birth weight, and appropriate weight gain during pregnancy.

WIC breastfeeding information for initiation and duration, breastfeeding initiation from MN birth records; including fact sheets and maps.

Health Risks
WIC information for health risks including pre-pregnancy smoking and inter-pregnancy intervals.

Food Benefits
WIC redemption and utilization of benefits information.

Participation & Demographics
WIC information for monthly participation, enrollment by insurance type and birth order for infants born in MN, maternal prenatal participation, participation by age and WIC category; including fact sheets and maps.

Weight Status, Growth & Anemia
WIC information for weight status and anemia in women and children; including fact sheets.

Reference Documents & Infoview
WIC reference information for Infoview, information system's pre-defined reports, and Reports Environment training for local agency staff.


For more MN public health data please see the following, which have some WIC data integrated into their data:

  • Minnesota County Health Tables
    A compilation of public health data for Minnesota and its 87 counties. WIC data are found under the Morbidity section in 2011 and later. In 2010 and prior years, WIC data are found in Demographics.
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