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Foodworker Illness Awareness

Workers who prepare food while experiencing diarrhea and/or vomiting are frequently linked to foodborne illness outbreaks in restaurants and other retail food outlets. As a food manager or worker you have a responsibility to protect yourself and your guests from foodborne illness.

image of Illness Reporting for Foodservice Fact Sheet
image of Employee Illness Decision Guide
image of Employee Illness Guidelines
image of Employee Illness Log
image of Employee Illness Guidelines
  • Food Employee Illness Guidelines (PDF)
    An illness symptoms action guidance chart showing illnesses/conditions, the action foodworkers should take, criteria for returning to work, and other helpful information.
Employees: Report Your Illness Posters
Persons-In-Charge: You Must Report Customer Complains of Illness Poster
image of Attention Poster
image of Attention Poster
image of Keep Yourself and Your Guests/Consumers Safe: Foodworker Illness Awareness Posters

Food Worker Handwashing Posters

image of nailbrush poster
image of nailbrush poster

Comprehensive List of all Handwashing Posters and Print Materials
Signs, posters, brochures, manuals, curricula, and other hand hygiene materials that you can print and use.

Cover Your Cough

image of green cover your cough poster
  • Cover Your Cough Poster for the Community
    The "green" cover your cough poster for health care facilities asking people to cover their cough and clean their hands. This poster is available for download in several languages.

Comprehensive List of all Cover Your Cough Print Materials
It is easy to browse through this list of all of the Cover Your Cough print materials.

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