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X-ray Registration

Facilities in Minnesota with ionizing-radiation producing x-ray equipment must be registered with the Minnesota Department of Health, Radiation Control, X-ray Unit. X-ray fees cover the costs of running a statewide registration, compliance and education program, as well as to maintain and protect the health and safety of occupational workers and the general public. The fees are approved by the legislature and are mandated under Minnesota Statute 144.121.

Online X-ray Registration System

All equipment and facility notifications should be made through the online Registration System.

Initial Registration (new facility or new facility owner)

Do not use this form to report administration changes. This form is only for new site owners. Administration changes should be made in the online registration system in the Contacts tab. If you have questions, contact health.xray@state.mn.us before sending in the form and payment.

Facilities not registered with MDH, are under new ownership, or have satellite offices that have not been registered, must fill out the Initial Registration Form and submit payment by mail. New facilities obtaining x-ray equipment must pay fees and register their facility prior to first use of the equipment.

New facilities will receive an invite to our online Registration System to complete the registration process after payment is received.

Additional Registration (new equipment)

Facilities that are currently registered with MDH and have new equipment are required to register the new equipment with MDH in the online Registration System within 30 days and prior to first use of the equipment.

Invoices for new equipment will not be mailed or emailed. They are available in the online system for registrants. Invoices must be paid online with a credit card, debit card, or e-check, or printed and sent in the mail with a business check.

X-ray Machine Equipment Transfer

Facilities that transfer x-ray equipment from one of their registered locations to another should delete the console at one site, and add the console at the other site in the online Registration System. Refer to the documents under Registration System for guidance.

Change in Facility Information

Facilities that have a change in facility information to their demographics, contacts or equipment should make that change in the online Verification System. Refer to the documents under Registration System for guidance.

For questions, comments or feedback regarding the MDH X-ray Program, please email health.xray@state.mn.us or call 651.201.4545.

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