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MIIC User Guidance and Training Resources

How-to guides for the Minnesota Immunization Information Connection (MIIC). Select the MIIC features below to view step-by-step instructions.

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Guidance on MIIC features

  • Using Lists
    Create a specific cohort of clients in MIIC that you can use to run reports.

  • Assessment Reports
    Create reports to monitor immunization rates for your client population.

  • Client Follow-Up
    Identify clients due or overdue for immunizations and conduct outreach to improve immunization rates. You can also use this tool to clean up your population of clients in MIIC through mass inactivation.

  • Running the Improbable Shots Report
    Monitor your vaccinations that fall outside of routine recommendations.
  • Managing Users
    Guidance for MIIC Administrators and others who manage MIIC user accounts.

MIIC webinar series

Webinar was recorded on Feb. 16, 2021. Focus topics include logging into MIIC, changing your password, managing users, entering new clients and immunizations.

MIIC Webinar #1 Transcript (PDF)

Webinar was recorded on Feb. 23, 2021. Focus topics include using the "list" function, file upload (spreadsheet) for entering batch vaccine data into MIIC, and assessment reports for determining your organization immunization coverage.

MIIC Webinar #2 Transcript (PDF)

Webinar was recorded on March 2, 2021. Learn to use client follow up functionality in MIIC.

MIIC Webinar #3 Transcript (PDF)

Webinar was recorded on March 9, 2021. Providers participate in a question and answer session with MDH MIIC staff.

MIIC Webinar #4 Transcript (PDF)

Related resources

  • Submit Client Query User Guide (PDF)
    Schools, health plans, and other organizations can use this guide to submit a list of individuals to MIIC and receive immunization data for those individuals to load back into their electronic system.

  • FluSafe
    Resources for hospitals and nursing homes participating in the FluSafe program.

  • MIIC and Child Care Resources
    Resources to assist child care centers with using MIIC.

  • IQIP
    Information about the Minnesota Immunization Quality Improvement for Providers (IQIP) program.

  • MIIC Regions and Regional Coordinators
    Regional coordinators provide local outreach, training, and user support for primary care and local public health users. Find your coordinator here.

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