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C&TC Information for Providers

This website links to clinical resources for primary care providers, including C&TC fact sheets, access to training, and other support for C&TC preventive services.

C&TC Periodicity Schedule

The C&TC Schedule of Age-Related Screening Standards, also known as the Periodicity Schedule, summarizes C&TC screening component requirements and recommendations by age. The required components must be completed, or screening exceptions documented, in order to bill for the enhanced C&TC bundled rate.

Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS): Policy, Billing, Coding

Refer to the DHS Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP) Provider Manual, C&TC Section for information about C&TC program policy, billing and coding, and other MHCP provider information. For questions that are not addressed there, email dhs.childteencheckups@state.mn.us.

Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP) offers free resources and MN–ITS training for enrolled MHCP providers/facilities who bill for Child and Teen Checkups.

Minnesota Department of Health (MDH): Clinical Consultation and Training

Staff are available for training and consultation on clinical components. For information on the C&TC trainings we provide, visit the Child and Teen Checkups Training Descriptions webpage.

To reach a C&TC child health consultant, email health.childteencheckups@state.mn.us.

C&TC Coordinators: Local Outreach to Families and Clinics

Every county and four tribes have C&TC Coordinators who provide local support for C&TC; find your local Coordinator on the Minnesota C&TC County/Tribe Coordinator List.

C&TC Coordinators provide:

  • Outreach to families to encourage them to go to their clinic for C&TC visits; they also help families find transportation or other help to access appointments.
  • Outreach and training for local clinics and providers.

C&TC Fact Sheets for Primary Care Providers

For each screening component or preventive service, there is a two-page fact sheet that summarizes what is required, which staff may provide the service, how it must be documented, and resources for referral and follow-up.

Links to Related Clinical and Referral Resources

Adolescents and Young Adults

C&TC for Adolescents and Young Adults

Developmental and Mental Health Screening

All ages
Birth to 5 years
6-20 years
Postpartum Depression Screening and Referral

Hearing and Vision Screening


Lead Screening

Newborn Screening Follow-up

Oral Health

Social Determinants of Health

Clinics are not required to use any particular screening tool to assess for social determinants of health. Refer to the Health History C&TC Fact Sheet for more information.

Examples of questionnaires or approaches to consider include:

Special Populations

Considerations and guidance to help support special C&TC populations that are more likely to experience health disparities, includes a Guide to Preventative Care for Justice Involved Youth (JIY) (PDF).

Tuberculosis Risk Assessment

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