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C&TC Developmental and Social - Emotional Screening Recommendations

Developmental/Social-Emotional Screening

Screening requirements (refer to C&TC Periodicity Schedule):

  • Developmental and social-emotional surveillance is a required component of an EPSDT screening at every visit. Developmental and emotional screening is strongly recommended at minimum at every visit indicated on the C&TC periodicity schedule
  • DHS strongly recommends that a recommended instrument* be used for developmental screening, minimally at the age of 9, 18, 24-30 months and at 3-4 years.
  • Due to higher risk of social-emotional delays and concerns among the C&TC-eligible population, separate social-emotional screening is strongly recommended beginning at 6 months of age, using a recommended standardized instrument.
  • Postpartum depression screening is recommended at infant well visits.

Survey of Well Being of Young Children Screener (SWYC)

Based on the recommendation by the AAP, The Survey of Well-Being of Young Children (SWYC) may be used only for developmental screening only when performing a complete C&TC exam in a clinic setting. Use of the SWYC is not recommended in the C&TC setting for social-emotional (SWYC Pediatric Symptom Check List), or autism screening. Refer to the MHCP provider manual for complete information on using the SWYC in your C&TC setting.

For guidance on how to implement use of the SWYC refer to Instructions for Administering the Survey of Well Being of Young Children Screener (SWYC) in the C&TC Setting.

For information on all recommended C&TC developmental screening tools refer to:

*Note: as a developmental screening tool recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the SWYC may be used for developmental screening when performing a complete Child and Teen Checkups (C&TC) exam in a clinic setting.

Children who have a positive score with the SWYC, indicating a potential concern, should be rescreened with a tool recommended by the Minnesota Developmental Screening Task Force. Refer to All Instruments at a Glance (PDF) for a list of tools recommended by the Minnesota Developmental Screening Task Force.

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