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Refugee and Immigrant TB Class Arrivals

All immigrants and refugees are screened for TB using standard protocols before entering the United States. Those with TB-related findings that do not prohibit them from traveling but need medical follow-up after arrival in the U.S. are given a TB Class designation. MDH, local health departments, and providers collaborate to ensure that TB Class arrivals receive follow-up medical evaluations in a timely manner.

  • CDC: Tuberculosis Technical Instructions for Panel Physicians
    CDC TB examination instructions used by overseas panel physicians for evaluating immigrants and refugees before they arrive in the United States. This website includes screening guidelines, TB Class definitions, treatment information, and more.
  • Recommended Medical Follow-up for TB Class B Arrivals (PDF)
    MDH document designed to provide clinicians with a description of the TB Class B arrival notifications for refugees and immigrants, and general clinical recommendations for domestic TB screening appropriate for each class.
    Note: TB Class A notifications are rare and indicate an arrival with active TB disease, on treatment and non-contagious for travel purposes. These arrivals require immediate follow-up and are considered a TB suspect or case. MDH is notified of these arrivals and works with local public health agencies to ensure uninterrupted treatment and necessary medical follow-up.
  • TB Follow-up Worksheet (PDF)
    CDC document used to report the results of domestic TB screening, diagnosis, and treatment provided for TB Class arrivals. The form is completed by the examining clinician and returned to MDH. MDH uses this information to report follow-up findings to CDC, for inclusion in a national TB Class surveillance system.

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  • CDC: Medical Examination of Immigrants and Refugees
    Information from CDC's Division of Global Migration and Quarantine about the required overseas and domestic health examinations for immigrants and refugees. This document also provides links to the Technical Instructions for Panel Physicians (overseas) and Civil Surgeons (domestic).
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