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If you need free and confidential support call the
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK(8255)
If you need immediate medical help call 911!

“It is critically important to design for zero even when it may not be theoretically possible. When you design for zero, you surface different ideas and approaches that if you’re only designing for 90 percent may not materialize. It’s about purposefully aiming for a higher level of performance.” Thomas Priselac, president and CEO of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Zero Suicide Framework

Suicide is 100% preventable.

The Zero Suicide Framework provides a framework for systemic, clinical suicide prevention in health and behavioral health care systems; and provides a specific set of best practices and tools that transforms system-wide suicide prevention and care to save lives. The Zero Suicide Framework aims to improve outcomes for people at risk of suicide in health and behavioral health care systems, with a focus on a commitment to patient safety and closing gaps in care management and treatment plans and transforming the culture around suicide prevention.

Please contact Jenilee Telander at for more information or how to become involved in the next statewide Zero Suicide cohort.

What is Zero Suicide?

Zero Suicide is both a concept and a practice. The Zero Suicide approach aims to improve outcomes for people at risk of suicide in health care systems, with a focus on safety and reducing errors.

Zero Suicide is a widely used practice to prevent suicide. Zero Suicide is

Zero Suicide Academy®

The Zero Suicide Academy® was a two-day training for senior leaders of health and behavioral health care organizations working towards reducing suicide among patients. Participants learned how to use best practices within their organization, and processes to improve care and safety. See past Minnesota Zero Suicide Academy Participants.

Zero Suicide Core Components

  • Commitment to reducing suicide from leadership
  • Create a standardized screening and risk assessment for those receiving care
  • Develop suicide care management plans with each patient
  • Train competent and caring staff
  • Use effective, evidence-based treatments
  • Follow-up with patients during their care transitions
  • Look for ways to use data collection to inform change and improve quality in health care

Get Involved

Contact Jenilee at to learn more about the next Zero Suicide Academy®.

Any heath care agency can independently get involved with Zero Suicide. Learn more about how to get started with Zero Suicide.

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