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The Food Safety Partnership (FSP) is a consortium of environmental health professionals, industry partners, and other stakeholders working together to protect the public health in the area of food safety. The goal of the Food Safety Partnership is to create a unified program for food safety in the State of Minnesota.

The Food Safety Partnership Steering Committee is comprised of FSP members from state and local health, and industry. The responsibilities of the Steering Committee are to:

  • Provide an FSP Agenda including committee reports; and information regarding current initiatives, emerging trends, new law and science and other food-related topics of interest.
  • Provide presentations, including an epidemiology report, at each FSP meeting on topics requested by the partnership.
  • Serve as liaison to the Environmental Health Roundtable and Food Safety and Defense Taskforce.
  • Provide leadership, collaboration and support for initiatives suggested and supported by the membership.

Three Food Safety Partnership Videoconferences are held each year at conference sites throughout the state of Minnesota.

Upcoming Meetings

Employee Illness Awareness Materials

In 2009, a subcommittee of the Food Safety Partnership (FSP) was formed. The Employee Illness Awareness Workgroup included state and local public health regulatory staff, and representatives from industry and academia. The Workgroup was charged with reviewing and revising existing employee illness materials and creating new ones, as needed.

The Employee Illness Awareness materials have been approved and are available at:

The new and revised materials created by the Workgroup appear on the web in PDF format. If you would like them in a different format so that agency/company specific information may be added, please contact MDH:

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