Minnesota PRAMS

What are Minnesota Moms saying?

Pregnant women talking looking at a phone.

"We need to do more to make the first year of a baby’s life easier on the baby and mother through paid leaves. I believe this has a direct impact on the health of mothers and their babies in the first 12 months after birth, as well as during pregnancy (added stress).”

“I wish there was more information provided about breastfeeding before the baby was born. I also wish each doctor visit was more informative about what to expect…most of what I learned was from online research vs. a doctor.”

“I took nine weeks of leave unpaid. This caused a strain on my family. Minnesota needs to look at requiring employers to provide paid parental leave.”

“There needs to be more information on post-partum anxiety and depression. I was lucky enough to already have a therapist, and I know what signs to look for. Other women who have not experienced anxiety or depression before may not know what is happening.”

“This is a great survey for mothers mostly because it asks multiple times about safety, finances, and moods. I think these areas are what needs focus for the health of a pregnancy, mother and child. I have been in a previous domestic abuse situation, and all these answers would have been different. I hope you continue this work and find ways to keep our women and children safe!”

Updated Wednesday, 17-Jul-2019 14:35:23 CDT