Newborn Screening Information for Providers: MNScreen - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Newborn Screening Information for Providers: MNScreen



MNScreen is a secure, system for reporting pulse oximetry and hearing screening results in Minnesota. The system—which involves collaboration among the Newborn Screening program, OZ Systems, midwives, and birth facility IT and nursery staff—is designed to improve demographic data integrity and the efficiency of follow-up care coordination for children who do not pass the hearing and pulse oximetry screenings.

MNScreen will allow both MDH program staff and birth facilities to monitor their own screening programs on an ongoing, real-time basis, which will help improve services for all Minnesota newborns. In the future, outpatient providers will also be able to use MNScreen to report diagnostic test results and refer newborns for other early interventions as needed, helping to improve access and reduce disparities in care.

MNScreen has been declared a specialized registry for Meaningful Use. All birth facilities should be active with implementation and submission of information.