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The Health Care Homes (HCH) program is one of the centerpieces of Minnesota's health reform initiative. Through its focus on redesign of care delivery and meaningful engagement of patients in their care, Health Care Homes is transforming care - and lives - for millions of Minnesotans.

The name "Health Care Homes" acknowledges a critical shift needed to improve health in Minnesota. The shift is from a purely medical model of care delivery to a focus on linking primary care with wellness, prevention, self-management and community resources.

The goals of the model are to:

  • Continue building a strong primary care foundation to ensure all Minnesotans have the opportunity to receive team-based, coordinated, patient-centered care.
  • Increase care coordination and collaboration between primary care clinicians and community resources to support whole person care and facilitate the broader goals of improving population health and health equity.
  • Improve the quality, experience, and value of care.


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