Minnesota e-Health Initiative

2019-2020 Workgroups

The Consumer Engagement Workgroup will develop learning opportunities and collective actions to support care providers with e-health tools to support patient/client engagement and improved health outcomes.

The purpose of the e-Prescribing Workgroup is to advance comprehensive implementation of e-prescribing standard transactions and procedures by Minnesota’s stakeholders. The work will address two key issues:

  • Increasing adoption of electronic prescribing of controlled substance by Minnesota’s prescribers
  • Document and describe barriers to full implementation of the NCPDP SCRIPT standard and e-prescribing processes, and convene stakeholders (prescribers, dispensers, and payers/pharmacy benefit managers) to develop consensus on implementation

The Health Information Exchange (HIE) Workgroup is not anticipated to be re-chartered for the 2019-2020 work year.

The workgroup was on break for 2018-2019 while the Minnesota e-Health HIE Task Force was completing its work. The deliverables may be found on the Minnesota e-Health HIE Task Force webpage.

The purpose of the Privacy and Security Workgroup is to:

  • Provide feedback on privacy and legal components of HIE in Minnesota
  • Recommend to providers and health care stakeholders activities that support the implementation of sound privacy and security practices for health information
  • Ensure that the needs of consumers, providers, and health care stakeholders are fully considered in the development of educational resources and tools

To request historical information from past workgroups, please contact the Minnesota e-Health Initiative at

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