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Preventing Illnesses from Drinking Water

Our drinking water can come from a variety of different sources. Learn how to prevent waterborne illnesses from drinking water.

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Public drinking water systems
Private groundwater wells

Public drinking water systems

Public water supplies are required to provide a safe and adequate water supply under the federal Safe Drinking Water Act. Water samples are routinely taken from public water supplies. If contamination is confirmed in any of the samples, the system is required to notify its users of the problem and must take steps to correct the problem.

  • Public water supplies will issue a "Drinking Water Advisory" when evidence indicates the sanitary integrity of the water supply was compromised.  
    • If a "Boil Water" advisory is issued, consumers should not drink the water without boiling it first. To disinfect water, bring it to a rolling boil for 1 minute. Let the water cool before using.
    • "Do Not Drink" or "Do Not Use" advisories require that individuals not drink or use the water.
  • Drinking Water Protection Fact Sheets
    Information for the general public, schools, restaurants, and health care facilities about community drinking water advisories in Minnesota. 

Private groundwater wells

Once well construction is complete, the owner of a private well is responsible for maintaining the well and water system.

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