Guidance for Health Professionals: International Travel & Infectious Disease - Minnesota Dept. of Health

Guidance for Health Professionals on
International Travel & Infectious Disease

Travel history is always an important consideration in evaluating sick patients.

Screening and triage

All patients being seen for acute illness should be asked if they have traveled internationally within the past 3 weeks (21 days).

  • Patients who answer "yes" should be placed in a private room until they can be evaluated by a health professional.
  • Follow infection prevention precautions based on their symptoms and per usual protocols.

Clinical evaluation resources

It is important to assess the severity of illness, travel itinerary, underlying illness, and individual exposure history in order to triage the patient and to distinguish certain infections from each other.

Infection control resources

Infection prevention precautions should be based on symptoms as per usual protocols.

Other travel related information for health professionals

  • is an internet-based global infectious disease intelligence system.


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