Minnesota Public Health Data Access Portal

Minnesota Public Health Data Access Portal

The Minnesota Public Health Data Access portal was created and is maintained by the Minnesota Department of Health's (MDH) Environmental Public Health Tracking Program. The portal is an online data resource designed to provide public access to Minnesota data about environmental risk factors and public health. Information on the portal is for anyone who wants to access and use data and to learn more about the public health, the environment and other risk factors.

The success of the MN Tracking program portal depends on strong partnerships and collaboration with local, state and federal agencies – as well as engaged communities and individuals who are empowered to take action to protect health. Data come from many programs at the Minnesota Department of Health and from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

Available data

  • Children’s health data, birth defects, immunizations, pesticide poisonings and lead exposure.
  • Chronic diseases like asthma, cancer and diabetes.
  • Environmental hazards, like air and drinking water contaminants.
  • Social and behavioral risk factors, like smoking, obesity and poverty.
  • Home health hazards, like radon, carbon monoxide or second-hand smoke.

Evaluating new data topics for the portal

MN Tracking uses a systematic evaluation process to guide the development and adoption of new state-specific data topics. For more information, see Evaluation Process for Adopting New Content Areas.

Consulting and investigating

Specialized data analyses, reports and consultations are conducted in response to public health concerns. Custom data requests will be answered and filled in the order in which they are received, with priority given to requesters from the Minnesota Department of Health, the Minnesota Legislature, other state agencies, community health service agencies and public media. These requesters will not be charged for completion of their data request.

Other requesters may be charged for data reports if the request requires more than one hour of staff time to complete, and/or the total out-of-pocket expenses needed to complete the request are more than $50. To request custom data or consultation, please use the data request form.

Data to protect communities and improve health

Local public health professionals, state and local agencies, researchers, non-profit organizations, and individuals use environmental public health tracking data to:

  • Recognize health, exposure patterns and trends over time;
  • Identify health disparities and vulnerable populations on which to focus limited resources,
  • Inform policies to protect public health,
  • Evaluate how effective current policies are, and
  • Determine new opportunities for research.

Visit Case Studies to read stories about the successful use of data by communities and organizations to achieve better public health in Minnesota.

Small image of a histogram chartAccess County Profiles data and more on the MN Public Health Data Access Portal.


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