MN Center for Health Statistics - Specified Statistical Requests

Minnesota Center for Health Statistics
Specific Statistical Requests

For a fee, the Center for Health Statistics will fulfill specific requests pertaining to state and county vital statistics data not readily available in the Center's Vital Statistics State and County Trends, Minnesota Health Statistics Annual Summary, Minnesota County Health Tables or the Vital Statistics Interactive Query System. Such requests usually are more technical or research oriented involving additional analysis by age, gender, race or ethnicity. Requests like these are usually beyond the scope of any single publication, and therefore, require special computer queries to acquire such information. Generally, most computer queries can be run for information covering the years 1980 to the most current year. However, death related data is available for the years 1944 to the most current year.

An individual requesting an in-depth search will be charged an hourly fee for staff time with a minimum of one hour for the work that it takes to provide the data. Before any project is pursued, a staff member will consult with the person making the request informing them of the time and cost involved so that he or she has a general idea of the total fee.

Persons seeking specific data should allow a minimum of two weeks for their request to be fulfilled. Depending on the amount of work involved, requests can sometimes be fulfilled sooner.

To place a request, please contact the Center for Health Statistics.