Public Health Reporting & Promoting Interoperability - Minnesota Department of Health

Public Health Reporting & Promoting Interoperability (PI)
(formerly known as Meaningful Use (MU))

Based on feedback from Minnesota partners, the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has developed interoperability strategies to:

  • Reduce administrative burden of public health reporting,
  • Help partners meet CMS public health reporting requirements,
  • Improve data quality so information shared with MDH can better address future emerging threats and address population health issues, and
  • Inform partners of benefits to their organizations and their patients with improved electronic public health reporting.

To engage in interoperability with MDH, partners are encouraged to review MDH Interoperability Webinar Series, work within your organization to identify priority public health reporting use cases using MDH Interoperability Checklist, and email the checklist to requesting a meeting to discuss questions and plan for future implementations of use cases.

Currently available public health use cases (and links to more information on each) include:

MDH has also contracted with the State-Certified Health Information Organization Koble-MN to help support interoperability implementation between MDH programs and the external partners who have the information needed to perform public health work. Organizations interested in MDH public health reporting use cases are encouraged to contact Koble-MN or for more information on the Participant Agreement.

For more information, please contact

Other Office of Data Strategy and Interoperability (DSI) updates:

  1. July 1, 2021, the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) Declared Readiness for two new Promoting Interoperability (PI) use cases, effective January 1, 2022. These new Public Health Reporting use cases include: 
  1. With Meaningful Use (MU) incentives no longer available, external partners do not need to continue to add new providers in the onboarding tool eData Registry. This link is being removed.
  1. In addition to the four CMS Public Health Reporting required use cases, MDH also offers three Public Health Registries. One of the following may be used for 5 CMS Bonus Points:
    • Minnesota Cancer Reporting
    • MN Screen (pulse oximetry and hearing screening)
    • Blood Lead reporting
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