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Active Recess Videos

Train Your Staff on Best Practices

Studies show physical activity during the day helps students achieve optimal health, improves academic achievement and reduces behavior problems.

We have developed a series of four free training videos to help jump-start your work and train new staff on practices they can use to ensure an active, safe and fun recess for all!

These videos were produced as part of Active Schools Minnesota, a joint initiative with the Minnesota Departments of Health and Education and the Statewide Health Improvement Partnership. Project coordinators included Dakota County Public Health and City of Bloomington Public Health.

Who should watch the videos?

  • Recess supervisors
  • School administrators
  • Teachers
  • Other decision-makers

The four videos cover:

  • Introduction to Active Recess
  • Playground Expectations
  • Mapping the Playground
  • Taking Recess Inside

Watch our videos!

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