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Health Promotion and Chronic Disease

Chronic diseases, like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer have emerged as some of the greatest threats to the health and well-being of Minnesotans.

Working on prevention like reducing falls, increasing fruit and vegetable consumption, increasing physical activity, and reducing tobacco use and binge drinking, can help people avoid ever getting the disease. At the same time, we must also emphasize improved management for people who already have conditions like diabetes, heart disease and oral health.Top ten leading causes of death in MN

Through sound partnerships, we've developed shared strategies that will help create healthy and safe communities, activate clinical and community preventive services, empower people for health, and eliminate health disparities.

Together our efforts will ensure that people in Minnesota have the knowledge and skills they need to live the healthiest lives possible; that they live, learn, work and play in safe and healthy environments; and that they receive the right care in the right place at the right time.

Sections and Programs within HPCD

Cancer Control and Prevention/Sage Programs

Works to reduce death and illness in Minnesota from cancers for which early detection saves lives.

Center for Health Promotion

Through community-based health promotion programs and educational activities, encourages all Minnesotans to prevent chronic diseases and injuries by making healthier lifestyle choices.

Chronic Disease and Environmental Epidemiology

Monitors the occurrence of cancer and other chronic diseases, and responds to reports of chronic disease "outbreaks." Operates a statewide system of surveillance for all newly diagnosed cancer cases in the state.
Minnesota Cancer Reporting System
Minnesota Tracking
Minnesota Biomonitoring
Minnesota Public Health Data Access Portal

Injury and Violence Prevention Section

Works to reduce the risk of injury and violence for all Minnesotans. Provides data, resources and consultation to assist in the development of community intervention and prevention programs.


Health Promotion Chronic Disease Organizational Chart (PDF)

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