Vision Screening Manual - Minnesota Department of Health

Vision Screening Manual Introduction

The vision screening manual is available in sections on the left side of this webpage. Click the links to view the various topics or you may download a copy of the Vision Screening Procedures for Infancy, Childhood and School Age Children (PDF). This manual describes all vision screening procedures in detail and is used by screening programs and clinics in Minnesota.


The procedures in this manual were developed based on recommendations put forth by a panel of Minnesota-based vision screening experts who came from a cross-section of screening programs and professional organizations. The Expert Panel on Childhood Vision Screening was convened by the MDH Community and Family Health Division and met four times between April and June, 2015. The expert panel reviewed new national vision screening recommendations from the American Association of Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus (AAPOS) and others, revised the vision screening procedures, and developed a guideline document. The expert panel and other contributors are identified in the section titled Minnesota Expert Panel on Childhood Vision Screening near the end of the manual.

The goal of vision screening is to identify children with vision deficits that may affect health, learning and development. With prompt referral and follow-up, Minnesota children have an opportunity to receive appropriate, timely care and services, which lead to better health and educational outcomes.

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