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Medical Cannabis Information for Health Care Practitioners

Registration and Certification Information

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  • Certifying Patients for Obstructive Sleep Apnea in the Minnesota Medical Cannabis Program (PDF)
    Presents information on certifying patients for obstructive sleep apnea, including references to OSA diagnostic and management guidelines and treatment modalities.
  • Intractable Pain Certification in the Minnesota Medical Cannabis Program: A Primer for Health Care Practitioners (PDF)
    Presents details on certifying patients for intractable pain and information resources on pain management and the potential for cannabis therapy as part of pain management.

  • Patient Annual Recertification and Enrollment
    Patients who are enrolled in the Minnesota Medical Cannabis Program must have their qualifying condition recertified by a Minnesota licensed physician, physician assistant, or an advanced practice registered nurse on an annual basis.

    Key points:
    • A patient currently enrolled in the Minnesota Medical Cannabis Program does not have to have the current health care practitioner recertify them; they are allowed to have another health care practitioner registered in the program certify their condition.
    • Registered health care practitioners can recertify active patients up to 90 days before the patient's enrollment in the program expires. If the health care practitioner is attempting to certify an active patient that was originally certified by another registered health care practitioner, they will need to search for the patient via the patient lookup on the health care practitioners main page in the Medical Cannabis Registry.

Information Resources

Continuing medical education opportunities

  • Medical Cannabis Online Continuing Medical Education Opportunities
    TheAnswerPage is offering CME/CE credits with the Minnesota Medical Cannabis 4-hour course.
  • The Medical Cannabis Institute
    The Medical Cannabis Institute provides ACCME and ANCC-certified medical education for the clinical application of medical cannabis. Their science-based courses help health care professionals deliver quality care and address patient questions. Use the customized link above to view curricula and course offerings to earn CME credits at a reduced price.
  • Cannabis Expertise
    Cannabis Expertise offers onsite medical cannabis programs and webinars for CME, ANCC, ACPE, and APRN pharmacotherapy credit at a reduced rate for Minnesota residents.
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