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Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month

Governor Tim Walz proclaimed the month of May 2019 as: Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month.

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month Proclamation"Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month" is a national and statewide initiative that supports partnerships between families and their communities in order to help prevent unplanned pregnancy and support access to high-quality, teen-friendly healthcare.

The Minnesota Department of Health joins with national partners as well as many youth serving organizations, volunteers, health care professionals, and communities in providing information, tools and support necessary to encourage prevention of teen pregnancy.


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Youth Experiences: Positive Education through Grant Programs

Favorite topic, tip or Lesson?
  • Ways to say no, because without knowing how to say nom people can hurt you.
  • Learning the safety and healthy way to have sex.
  • Don't be afraid to say no if you're uncomfortable because too many people don't think they can.
  • I like when we talk about public matters about issues going on today. It helps to know because then we can find ways to make the world a better place.

What is a tip you learned that you will share with friends and family?
  • Respect your family.
  • Use protection.
  • HIV is not curable, so be safe!
  • That STDs and HIV ain't no joke!

How have your sexual decisions changed since starting this program?
  • Say no to things I'm not ready for.
  • I know how to be safe now.
  • I care more about my opinion.
  • This program educated me more and my values and attitude toward sex have solidified even more.


Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month Proclamation (PDF)

State of Minnesota Proclamation

WHEREAS: Minnesota continues to see reductions in teen birth rates along with the rest of the nation. Minnesota's birth rates are at a historic low, ranking with the seventh lowest birth rate in the country declining by 57.2% from 2000 to 2016; and

WHEREAS: Minnesota has striking disparities in teen pregnancy and birth rates which remain high for those living in poverty, racial and ethnic minorities, by geographic location, and among vulnerable populations; and

WHEREAS: to support this effort, we need to continue to improve community and school resources to ensure safe and secure places for young people to live, learn, and play; and

WHEREAS: access to high-quality, teen-friendly health care improves young people's physical and mental health and strengthens the systems and structures designed to support the health and well-being of this population; and

WHEREAS: educating adults in adolescent health and development supports positive connections between caring adults and young people, which strengthens the capacity of families and caregivers to support the health and well-being of young people; and

WHEREAS: recognizing and responding to the diversity, individuality and unique circumstances of young people includes addressing the social, economic and environmental factors that negatively impact the health of young people; and

WHEREAS: providing young people opportunities to participate with their community enhances their leadership and engagement to positively influence their health, development and life goals; and

WHEREAS: The Minnesota Department of Health joins with the Office of Adolescent Health, Power to Decide, The Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy; Advocates for Youth; and dedicated local public health agencies, youth serving organizations, health care professionals, and communities in bringing awareness and equity to issues supporting the reduction of teen pregnancy prevention.

Resources for Parents and Teens

Resources for Providers

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