Healthy Homes Minnesota

Healthy Homes Minnesota

Home safety
  • Asbestos

  • How to find asbestos in homes, finding a licensed contractor to safely remove asbestos and health effects of asbestos.
  • Asthma

  • How to reduce environmental triggers of asthma.
  • Carbon Monoxide

  • Common sources of CO, safe levels of CO, and ways to prevent CO poisoning.
  • Safe Drinking Water in Your Home

  • Information on testing your well water, the monitoring and testing of public drinking water, and protecting your water supply.
  • Food Safety

  • How to keep food safe and prevent foodborne illness.
  • Injury Prevention

  • Publications and statistics on unintentional injuries and violence.
  • Lead

  • How to prevent lead poisoning, finding a lead contractor or consultant and FAQs on lead.
  • MN Public Health Data Access

  • Data about Asthma, CO Poisoning, Childhood Lead Poisoning, and Drinking Water Quality that affect a healthy home.
  • Mold and Moisture

  • Health effects of mold, how to identify a mold problem, clean-up and removal advice.
  • Physical Activity

  • Parks and bike paths near your home can affect the walkability of your community and an active lifestyle.
  • Radon

  • How to get a radon test kit and reduce exposure, mitigation advice, resources for medical providers and mitigators.