2010 HWS Registration Renewals Delay and 2010 Legislative Changes

June 2010 Revised October 2010

Information Bulletin 10-07

2010 HWS Registration Renewals Delay and 2010 Legislative Changes

Revisions to this Information Bulletin are noted as follows: new language is underlined; language with strikeouts is no longer applicable.


The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) is notifying Housing with Services establishments (HWS) that:

  • MDH is delaying the 2010 HWS annual renewal process;
  • The MDH delay with 2010 annual renewals will not jeopardize registration status;
  • There are 2010 legislative changes effective July 1, 2010;
  • MDH has received and will accept more comments and input to help implement the provisions of the new legislation; and
  • MDH will begin enforcing the new legislation by October 1, 2010 Jan. 3, 2011.

2010 MDH HWS Registration Renewal

MDH will continue to recognize beyond their expiration date of July 31, 2010, MDH registered HWS establishments which are in good standing with MDH regardless of the delay in processing of the 2010 annual HWS renewal by MDH.

New HWS applications will continue to be accepted and processed during this transition.

During the transition between the July 1, 2010, effective date of the new legislation and the October 1, 2010, enforcement date by MDH of the new legislation, MDH will be reviewing and evaluating input about the new laws and deciding how best to implement the requirements, and updating the 2010 Housing with Services Registration and online renewal forms, including the Uniform Consumer Information Guide.

When the online process for 2010 is ready, MDH will send out annual renewal letters to each currently registered HWS which will include an access code for online HWS renewal. MDH will provide a timeframe for completion. When available, a printable copy of the updated Housing with Services Assisted Living Designation and Uniform Consumer Guide will be placed on the MDH website at /divs/fpc/profinfo/licensure.html

Since issuing Information Bulletin 10-07 in June, 2010, MDH gathered input from consumers, providers and other stakeholders on implementation of the 2010 Legislative changes. Based on this information, MDH incorporated changes and modified the HWS registration form including the Uniform Consumer Information Guide. MDH is currently working on the technology and programming necessary to implement these changes in the HWS online renewal system.

By Dec. 1, 2010, each currently registered HWS Establishment will receive a mailing from MDH with information about the 2010 HWS registration renewal process. Establishments will have 30 days to renew.

The 2010 updated Housing with Services Establishments - Assisted Living Designation and Uniform Consumer Information Guide registration form has been finalized and is available on the MDH website.

See: Housing with Services Establishments/Assisted Living Designation/Uniform Consumer Information Guide

2010 Legislative Changes That Affect HWS

The 2010 Minnesota Legislature made changes to Minnesota Statutes, chapter 144D (Housing with Services), chapter 144G (Uniform Consumer Information Guide), and sec. 256.975 (Consumer Information/Senior Linkage Line.)

These changes are effective July 1, 2010.

MDH will enforce the 2010 HWS Legislative Changes effective October 1, 2010 January 3, 2011.

Please see Article 17 Continuing Care (PDF) with these 2010 legislative changes. The new language is underlined. Please review the changes and if you have questions or comments about how to comply with the changes, please e-mail those comments questions to the e-mail address below.

MDH has received some questions relating to the attached 2010 legislative changes. MDH is seeking your input/comments/questions on these changes affecting HWS establishments.

Please e-mail your input to MDH by August 1, 2010 to: health.fpc-web@state.mn.us. Please add "HWS" in the subject line.

MDH will be working with consumers, providers and other stakeholders on implementation of these 2010 Legislative changes.

Questions: MDH Licensing and Certification Program 651-201-4200.

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