Complete Set of Home health Agency Interpretive Guidelines, etal.

June 2001

Information Bulletin 01-17

Complete Set of Home Health Agency (HHA) Interpretive Guidelines
Now Available at HCFA'S OASIS Home Page

New Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS) Correction Policy
For Home Health Agencies

New Home Health Agency (HHA) Questions and Answers


This Information Bulletin serves to advise you of three HHA items:

  1. On August 31, 2018, CMS posted HHA Interpretive Guidelines associated with the new Conditions of Participation (CoPs) for HHAs that became effective on January 13, 2018. These can be accessed at CMS: Home Health Agency (HHA) Interpretive Guidelines.
  2. The Correction Policy for OASIS allows Home Health Agencies (HHAs) to make their own key field changes. The Correction Policy can be accessed on the QIES Technical Support Office (QTSO) OASIS website: HHA Correction Policy
  3. CMS has posted OASIS questions and answers on the QIES Technical Support Office (QTSO) website: OASIS Quarterly Q & A's
    Scroll down and click on the title OASIS Quarterly Q&As. Then click on the text of the month and year of the Q&As you want to view.

How do I access the OASIS Clinical and Technical Help Lines?

OASIS Clinical Help Line

OASIS Technical Help Line

[Please Note: CMS website addresses are subject to change. As MDH becomes aware of these changes we will update the CMS address on this bulletin.]

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