Transmittal 25-Revised HHA State Operations Manual (SOM)

March 2001

Informational Bulletin - 01-10
MHC - 30

Transmittal 25-Revised HHA State Operations Manual (SOM)

OBQM Reports and HHA Survey Process

OASIS and Initial Medicare Certification

Application of OASIS to Medicare Beneficiaries

Treatment of HHA Branch Offices

Clarification of the Homebound Definition Under Medicare



This Information Bulletin provides several updates from HCFA. These can be accessed at the identified websites. Information Bulletin 99-24 is obsolete.

  1. Transmittal 25 - Revised HHA SOM [expired link]

  2. OASIS and HHA Survey Process [expired link]

  3. OASIS and Initial Certification of Home Health Agencies (PDF)
  4. Application of OASIS requirements to Medicare beneficiaries [expired link]

  5. Treatment of HHA branch offices (PDF)
  6. Clarification of the Homebound Definition Under the Medicare Home Health Benefit from Fiscal Intermediary [expired link]

  7. HCFA will implement OASIS Version 1.20 on May 7, 2001. This will require the use of HAVEN Version 5.0 or vendor-supplied software that conforms to the specifications of OASIS Version 1.20.

    HAVEN Version 5.0 will provide a new Correction Policy and Procedure enabling you to correct any field of an OASIS assessment and to inactivate assessments that were submitted to the state OASIS system in error. The last day Manual Key Field changes can be made will be March 30, 2001. After that date, the State OASIS Automation Coordinator will no longer accept manual key field changes. Key field errors discovered after March 30 should be corrected after the implementation of OASIS Version 1.20 on May 7, 2001.

    HAVEN Version 5.0 will be available for downloading from the HCFA's OASIS website in early April, 2001. Those of you who received prior HAVEN upgrades via CD will receive the upgrade by mail in late April.
    CMS Home Health Quality Reporting Program

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