Monitoring and Federal Oversight of ICF/MR Programs

January 2001

Information Bulletin 01-1

Monitoring and Federal Oversight of ICF/MR Programs


The purpose of this Informational Bulletin is to provide ICF/MR providers with information about the Federal monitoring and oversight program which has been implemented in Minnesota.

Federal Monitoring and Oversight Program:

HCFA has recently entered into a contract with a group, The Council on Quality and Leadership in Supports for People with Disabilities of Towson, Maryland, to conduct Federal comparative (look-behind) surveys, complaint investigations and crisis assignments to help ensure the health, safety, and welfare of individuals living in ICF/MRs. Through this contract, HCFA will assemble a national team of federal surveyors who shall be available on a scheduled and as-needed basis to (1) conduct federal look-behind or comparative surveys within 30 days of a State survey to assess survey agency performance in the interpretation, application and enforcement of federal requirements and conduct follow-up visits; (2) conduct special investigations, including complaints, observation and monitoring reviews; (3) respond/react in a timely manner to crisis situations that endanger the health, safety or welfare of individuals with mental retardation or developmental disabilities living in congregate settings.

Additional information regarding this program and links to other related sites can be found on the CMS ICF/MR web pages: [expired link] -- Program Summary and Background [expired link] -- ICF/MR Program Information Site

[Please Note: At the time of this mailing the above web site address is correct. However HCFA web site addresses are subject to change. As MDH becomes aware of these changes we will update the HCFA address on this bulletin.]

If you have any questions related to this Information Bulletin, please contact:

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