OASIS Information

OASIS Information



Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS)


Questions and answers (Q&As) prepared approximately quarterly by OASIS Answers, Inc. can be accessed at OASIS Answers - Links and Resources (scroll down to OASIS Questions & Answers).


Currently there are no video conferences scheduled or presentations available for OASIS Basic Training.


Minnesota OASIS clinical information and training:
651-201-4314 or health.oasis@state.mn.us

Transmission of OASIS assessments and technical issues:
651-201-3817 or health.MdsOasisTech@state.mn.us

For OASIS software problems (data entry), call your software vendor.
If you use the jHAVEN software call 1-800-339-9313 or email iqies@cms.hhs.gov (subject line - jHAVEN). 
jHAVEN software

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