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Implementing CancelRx into the e-Prescribing Workflow: Lessons from Allina Health - (November 22, 2019)

The Minnesota e-Health Initiative is hosting a webinar to help health systems implement the CancelRx prescribing transaction. This important transaction communicates an electronic message to the pharmacy when the provider discontinues a medication in the EHR system. Uptake has been slow but increasing among prescribers and the Initiative has identified this as a priority to support better patient outcomes. Learn first-hand how Allina Health implemented the CancelRx transaction in 2019 to improve prescription accuracy and address safety issues within the prescribing workflow before they could impact patients.

This webinar is targeted to health organizations that want to enhance their e-prescribing capabilities to improve patient safety and reduce unwanted phone and fax time.

CancelRx Implementation (PDF)

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