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Minnesota e-Health Vision

All communities and individuals benefit from and are empowered by information and technology that advances health equity and supports health and wellbeing.

  • Empower individuals, families, and caregivers to use information and technology to make informed health and wellness decisions

  • Promote research and implementation of evidence-based policies to support best practices and improve outcomes

  • Improve community and public health through timely and actionable information

  • Support providers, care teams, and services in the collection, use and sharing of information through technology and health information exchange

  • Use information to advance knowledge, wisdom, and practice by assuring:

    • Strong leadership and strategic collaborations that support innovation and stay informed of trends influencing health and technology
    • Well-trained and educated e-health-savvy workforce
    • Sustainable and adaptable resources for guidance and implementation
    • Standards and policies for collection, use and sharing of information, including personal health and medicine and factors that influence health such as genetics, geography, and gender
    • Protection of health information and patient access to health information
    • Measurement of progress on the adoption and effective use of health information technology and health information exchange

The Minnesota e-Health Initiative takes collective action that meets the statutory requirements in Minnesota Statutes 62J.495 to advise the commissioner of health, provide guidance to the community, and

  • Supports the vision and mission of the Minnesota e-Health Initiative
  • Ensures that decisions are objective and align with science and evidence-based research
  • Advances e-health equity and supports e-health across the care continuum
  • Values integrity, quality and collaboration
  • Considers all aspects of and factors influencing health and wellbeing
  • Leverages current resources and opportunities
  • Respects human dignity and promotes cultural competency
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