Rules (Companion Guides)

Rules (MN Uniform Companion Guides)

Minnesota Statutes, section 62J.536, requires the Minnesota Commissioner of Health, in consultation with the Minnesota Administrative Uniformity Committee (AUC), to promulgate rules pursuant to section 62J.61 establishing and requiring group purchasers and health care providers to use electronic eligibility, claims, payment/advice, and acknowledgment transactions with a single, uniform companion guide to the implementation guides described under Code of Federal Regulations, title 45, part 162. The rules for single, uniform companion guides are known as “Minnesota Uniform Companion Guides”. Version 5010 and D.Ø of the guides are required for use beginning January 1, 2012.

Minnesota AUC best practices are consensus recommendations of the AUC to further standardize and harmonize health care administrative transactions for providers and group purchasers. While adoption or adherence to the best practices is voluntary, it is strongly encouraged to further reduce health care administrative burdens and costs.

Providers may use Minnesota AUC forms to send claims appeals and attachments to payers. Do not submit these forms to MDH.

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