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Antiviral Therapy Resources for Providers: COVID-19

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Designed for health care providers, facilities, and systems as a compilation of resources for determining eligibility and prescribing outpatient treatment for acute COVID-19.

Clinical considerations

Determining eligibility and choosing a treatment

Prescribing tools

Important considerations when prescribing treatment

Accessing antiviral treatment

Where to access and prescribe

  • Covid-19 Test to Treat Locator
    Enter an address or zip code to search for:
    • Locations with testing, medical visits and medication (Test-to-Treat)
    • Locations to fill a prescription
    • Pharmacy locations with available oral antiviral inventory (including type) can be found using this locator.

  • COVID-19 Therapeutics Locator
    National map displaying locations that have received supplies of COVID-19 therapeutics, including Paxlovid, molnupiravir, bebtelovimab, and Evusheld.

  • MNRAP: For health
    care providers

    Providers may use the Minnesota Resource Allocation Platform (MNRAP) to find a treatment location offering bebtelovimab, if a patient cannot take one of the other authorized COVID-19 treatments. Providers should assess eligibility for other preferred treatments before placing a referral for bebtelovimab through MNRAP.
    Note: After June 30, 2022, the MNRAP platform will no longer be available for referrals. Providers who wish to refer a patient for bebtelovimab may use the HHS COVID-19 Therapeutics locator to find health care facilities that have received shipments of COVID-19 therapeutics. Data in this locator is based on stock on hand reported by locations within the past two weeks and is not a guarantee of availability.
  • Where to Access Oral Antiviral Therapy in Minnesota
    Patients or providers can contact health systems and clinics listed to ask about availability of oral antiviral medications or access the federal Test-to-Treat program.

  • Remdesivir is available commercially and is not being distributed by the federal government. Due to logistical constraints, outpatient remdesivir is not widely available. Providers should check with their nearest hospital or infusion center to see whether outpatient remdesivir treatment can be arranged. Infectious disease consultation may be required.

General resources

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