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Mental health messaging toolkit during COVID-19

One of the strongest ways to support mental well-being is by staying connected to ourselves, our friends, and the world around us. Supporting and connecting with one another can help all of us be well. You can help support mental well-being in your community or organization by sharing information and resources for connecting.

The #StayConnectedMN is a four-week communication campaign with simple messages and tips on how to support mental health and well-being. The self-guided toolkit is easy to use, with messages and ready-made posts that apply to most audiences.

Who can use #StayConnectedMN?

All organizations are invited to use the toolkit. Service organizations, non-profits, businesses, local health departments, faith-based organizations, or schools can all join in. MDH began sharing messages on social media on Feb. 1, 2021, though your organization can use this toolkit at any time.

What is included?

Each week has a theme, key messages, one emailwith resource links, and three to four quick posts to use. Content can be shared through email, social media, or in meetings; you can share messages with clients, partners, employees, congregants, friends, or neighbors. You can use these posts as they are, or edit and adapt them to suit your own needs.

  • Week 1: Connect with yourself
  • Week 2: Connect with others
  • Week 3: Create a healthy environment
  • Week 4: Know how to find help and support

Download the #StayConnectedMN Toolkit (PDF) -- English.

Additional messages were created for Mental Health Awareness Month 2021.

Download the #StayConnectedMN -- Mental Health Awareness Month messages (Word).

Spanish -- #StayConnectedMNToolkit (PDF)

Hmong -- #StayConnectedMNToolkit (PDF)

Karen -- #StayConnectedMNToolkit (PDF)

Somali -- #StayConnectedMNToolkit (PDF)

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