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MN TRAIN Overview

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What is it?

MN.TRAIN facilitates training coordination among multiple disciplines to improve knowledge and skills for public health preparedness. The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) is making this nationally-recognized system available at no cost to Minnesota professionals who protect the public’s health.

MN.TRAIN (Minnesota Trainingfinder Real-time Affiliate Integrated Network) is a password-protected, web-based learning management system designed for the continuing education of professionals who protect the public’s health. Minnesota course providers, local public health, hospitals, EMS, and other users will be able to track their training easily. Over 14,900 training opportunities from over 4,000 course providers from 29 affiliates are listed.

Features for course providers:

  • Free of charge
  • Ability to reach highly-skilled local and national professionals with new courses and conferences at no charge
  • Easily manage and control your course listings
  • Customize a training program to a specific user group or competency
  • Capability for online assessment, student evaluation, and administration of tests

Features for learners:

  • System use is free of charge to Minnesotans
  • Easy online registration for appropriate courses
  • Search among many course providers locally, across the nation, or through distance learning
  • A calendar lists courses and aids planning
  • Create, print and email individual training records (“transcript”) and certificates
  • Training records remain available, even if the learner changes locations or organizations

Features for administrators:

  • Free of charge to Minnesotans
  • Aggregate reporting
  • Export data upon need
  • Enjoy economies of scale with national contributions to enhancements
  • Online training and data management does not require new server investment
  • Reporting templates can ease grant reporting
  • Ability to match learners with regions or hospitals or work disciplines

What does MN.TRAIN do in an incident?

  • The system allows for development and tracking of a prepared workforce, supporting credentialing during an incident. 
  • During an incident, provided the user has use of a computer, just-in-time training can occur online. 
  • In addition, learner records and credentials will still be backed-up and available if the facility is struck by disaster.

What is the role of MDH?

The MDH will administer and maintain MN.TRAIN, providing support to course providers, organizational administrators, and users in both urban areas and greater Minnesota. 

For more information:
Web: MN.TRAIN website
Phone: 651-201-5700

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