The Minnesota Department of Health relies on a mix of state, federal, and other funds to accomplish its public health mission. For the 2022-2023 state biennial period—from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2023—the department's projected budget authority is $1.4 billion.

Historic and projected spending

Historic department expenditures grew from $1.17 billion in the 2018-2019 biennium to an estimated $2.3 billion in the 2020-2021 biennium, largely a result of federal and state funding for the COVID-19 pandemic response. Amounts for the upcoming 2022-2023 and 2024-2025 biennia are projected based on forecast spending outlays in the November 2020 state economic forecast.

Biennial expenditures through 2019 and spending outlays through 2025

Sources of budget authority

For the 2022-2023 biennium, federal awards are projected to be the largest source of department budget authority at $654 million, or 47%. The general fund is $265 million, or 19%, of the department's budget authority. Remaining budget authority is expected to come from a variety of sources, such as licensing and fees, medical education fund, health care access fund, and other dedicated state funds.

Projected sources of department revenue fo rthe 2022-2023 biennium


All operating money at the department must be spent per the requirements of Minnesota statutes and laws, federal awards, and contractual agreements. For the 2022-2023 biennium, $692 million, or 49% of total expenditures, are planned for grants, loan forgiveness, and other individual support. $329 million, or 24%, is dedicated to employee compensation for a workforce of 1,532 full-time equivalent staff. And $377 million, or 27%, is dedicated for operating expenses.

Planned uses for the 2022-2023 biennium

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Brian Awsumb, Budget Director
Minnesota Department of Health

Updated Tuesday, 23-Mar-2021 14:28:16 CDT